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Working as part of a team we looked to create an interesting and innovative store concept.
We began looking at radical luxury and found that it focuses on extreme changes and ideas to create unique innovations and experiences.
From these findings, my team and I created a unique and innovative store concept called 'Sensuale' for a live project with Selfridges.
We also created a concept for advertising a fragrance in a unique way. By designing and creating a perfume bottle that drew on the four senses, allowing consumers to see, hear, feel and smell the fragrance they are buying. was an innovative and fresh concept. 

I used Cinema 4D to create a model of the store. 

Please see our radical luxury presentation and our research into our concept "Sensuale' as well as the video of the 3D store that I created. 



Click play to view the mock-up of the room in 'Sensuale'!!

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