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This Independent Final Project module was the opportunity to focus on a specific area for future career aspirations and develop a piece of work that reflects this and/or look beyond the industry to find a gap in the market for the future of the fashion and lifestyle sector

I chose to further my research within the high street sector, but this time look into how autistic shoppers experience the retail sector.
To develop my research I had to develop my ideation process and do both primary and secondary research into Autism.  
Through this research journey, I created a new store concept that would make the shopping experience easier
for children with autism and their parents/carers. 

To showcase the viability of this concept, I created a business plan, supporting website, and collaborated with a designer to create a 3D mockup of my desired store.
Below you can find my research document, business plan, 3D store, and website. 


I collaborated with a 3D designer who created this 3D mock-up.


I created this website to show replicate what customers would go on when booking an appointment.

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